History of The Hard Headz Riding Club

Hard Headz Riding Club was established May 2008 when the founding 4 members headed out for the Run-A-Mucca rally in Winnemucca, Nevada. Wind, rain, hail, wrong turns, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, and bike breakdowns all took their toll. But the group’s stubbornness drove them on. They left a group of friends and came back the Hard Headz.
Hard Headz was a group created to forget about the 9 - 5 grind. Our founding four members having a corrections background wanted something different for our club. No drama about colors or territory, we wanted a group and a place to forget about all the bad things in life and think about MOTORCYCLES. Ours is not the club for you if you want to have the "Bad Biker" image. We don't take things to seriously, and are usually the first to laugh at ourselves.

Our Patch: We run a one-piece patch with the "Stubborn One" on it. We run two different colors: Blue = Boyz and Pink = Girlz  Why 2 colors......because nobody else does. The Stubborn one is ALWAYS ready to ride.


Boyz Patch
Girlz Patch