The Hard Headz Riding Club (HHRC) riders/co-riders consist of Military, Law Enforcement, and Correctional professionals, nurses, business owners, truck drivers along with their family and friends. Hard Headz Riding Club was created for men and women to come together to experience the joy and freedoms of riding.  This motorcycle philosophy is shared with those who love to ride.


The club plans annual events to attend local and statewide rallies, poker runs, and charitable events. Some of the past runs included Run-A-Mucca Rally in Winnemucca, Nevada; Bikes and Badges (which covered 10 checkpoints in Washington and 10 checkpoints in Oregon); Rose City Grand Tour (with checkpoints in Washington, Oregon, and California); The Bronze Bike Rally in Joseph, OR; and the Muddy Frogwater in Milton-Freewater, OR. HHRC also plans dinner runs to local and surrounding areas of Walla Walla.


The Hard Headz are not only friends, but family. We encourage family functions by hosting BBQ's and potlucks. Our extended family prides themselves on helping one another. Our riders range in age from their early 20's and into there 60's. The youthful riders provide enthusiasm and spirit while the older riders cruise with experience and vast knowledge of the road. Each club member is essential and has unique talents that they incorporate to the group and our functions. We have the "fixer upper" who is called upon for all sorts of pressing matters, the road king, who knows where to look for the finest of the pit stop cuisine and make sure we do not get lost, the chef extraordinaire, the club promoter, and the visionary.


The women (of course), are the backbone of the whole club and without them, there wouldn't be the glue that holds it all together. We encourage all members to suggest upcoming events (Bonfire, rally ect.) or plan local/distant rides. During the riding season, many of our dinner runs or potlucks are also the times that we vote on rides that have been suggested, as a group.

The Hard Headz Riding Club does not have a lot of rules.

You (the rider) and the cycle are legal.
Obey traffic laws
Wear your patch at club events
Be courteous

Never leave a rider behind (each person is responsible for the person in front and in back of them)







We do not care what kind of bike that a person rides. We ride as a group. We respect and share the road with any kind of traffic. We ride at the level of our most inexperienced rider. Our patch is supported (worn) by the rider and their passenger and we encourage club support at all functions.


The Hard Headz Riding Club is about, first and foremost, family. Family is the number one priority to the club. Our jobs are our second priority, and then the Club. HHRC is for the enjoyment of friends, family, and the love of riding.

The original four members (and significant others) of HHRC are:

John JEBO/Danielle